CODE FOUR is a highly diverse, interdisciplinary and international team of designers, artists, strategic thinkers and technicians who work together to bridge worlds and solve complex problems.

We take on challenges that fall within and in-between: architectural design and interiors, graphic identity, contemporary art, media design, events and experiential,  information technology, stagecraft, VR, audio, video, printmaking, scenography, signage, engineering and beyond.  

We are an expanding laboratory of creative and technical misfits, some with PhDs and some with DIYs who work together to define and realize clever solutions so that the brands and institutions we work with thrive. 

If you interviewed our clients, they'd each describe Code Four differently. Are we an experiential marketing firm? Yes. Are we a graphics company? Yes. Do we design and produce fashion shows? Yes. Can we produce and curate your conference? Yes. Do we design and build IT infrastructure for stadiums? Yes. Can we redo the interior of your retail space? Yes. Can we design/produce/install 200+ posters a month? Yes.  Can we project manage a large-scale public spectacle that involves the FAA and the Navy? Yes.  Can we develop a digital way finding system? Yes. 

Their description would be based on the problem they came to us with and the unique team and solutions we developed to solve the problem. Agility and constant innovation alongside our partners is our business and it's why our motto is No Further Assistance Required.

We are an aspirational agency.  That means we aspire to be smarter, more efficient, more innovative, more radical, and more creative. We want to ask better questions every day and are always ready to scrap our best idea for one even better. We're proud of our work but we're always going deeper. We develop lasting relationships with clients who want to work within this aspirational framework and need a partner on that journey from start to finish. 

Reach out and let's talk about what you aspire to and how Code Four can tailor solutions that get you there.  


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