Art File Format Requirements

  1. We prefer the following Adobe Creative Suite Cloud files packaged including all fonts, document links and art file(s)

    1. InDesign

    2. Illustrator

    3. Photoshop

  2. Please let us know prior to sending the following acceptable individual formats

    1. EPS / AI / PDF / TIFF / JPEG / JPG / PNG

  3. Other formats will not be accepted

Tutorial: InDesign File Package

Tutorial: Illustrator File Package

Tutorial: Photoshop File Package


Art File Preparation Requirements

  1. Recommended: 300dpi + 100% Scale + CMYK Color

  2. Color

    1. Prep files in CMYK color space

    2. All RGB color spaces will be charged an hourly conversion fee

    3. Please provide all fonts if artwork is not packaged

    4. Any color codes other than CMYK, MUST be provided by client (Pantone, etc.)

    5. A pure, sharp, rich black should be the following CMYK percentages

      1. 75% Cyan (C)

      2. 68% Magenta (M)

      3. 67% Yellow (Y)

      4. 90% Black (K)

  3. Non-rasterized, vector art files only

  4. Proportionate Art Files

    1. Prep layout at a proportional size to the final output and provide the enlargement percentage.

      1. I.e. If the file is prepped at half size the enlargement, please indicate 50% scale

  5. Trim, Bleed + Live Area

    1. If there is any bleed [off any edge] in the design, please provide 0.125” extra image bleed past the trim dimension.

    2. Live graphics [copy, critical design graphics, i.e. borders, photos] clearance of 0.75” to 1” inside of trim dimensions.

    3. Please provide cut [trim] lines for all graphics files as a blue line provided on a separate layer of the art file.

  6. Separate & Accessible Files

    1. Produce art files with each file component on separate layers.

    2. Example

      1. Layer 1 - Objects like Images, type, design elements [borders, backgrounds, shapes]

      2. Layer 2 - Finishing indicators [trim/cut, fold, die cut, drill, grommet locations, etc.]


  • For any art file preparation questions, please call us at 714.500.4994