Experiential + Environmental Design

Code Four is a creative agency with the in-house technical production and engineering chops of a large-scale touring theater. We're not a normal events or experiential shop. Our team brings together years of experience designing, curating, and producing large-scale events, concerts, conferences, trade shows, fashion shows, exhibits, activations and everything between and beyond. We partner with brands, cultural and educational institutions to bring people together for purpose, impact, and excitement.

At Code Four we script environments expertly tailored to convey the aspirations of our clients. From the moment a visitor enters the sensory world we've designed with you, every angle has been considered. From the aural and visual to the feel of the floor beneath one's feet- at Code Four every detail matters.

Unlike most agencies or design houses, Code Four has one of the most extensive AV, lighting, and truss inventories in Southern California.  We handle furnishings, broadcast, decor, flooring, logistics and trucking nationwide. We can fully staff any event at any scale and and other production companies, we handle all design, graphics, print, and fabrication in-house.

Below you'll find just a few case studies from our decade of successful partnerships producing experience and spectacle. 

Code Four-Banners-Experience and Spectacle.png