Network + AV Systems Design-Build

Code Four has an experienced team of designer-engineers with the technical chops and imagination to solve network and av design challenges at any scale. We’re also installers and dealers for many of today’s most innovative products.  

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High Density Wireless Networking Solutions

Code Four specializes in high density wireless network deployments, operating with the latest industry standards and protocols. We concentrate on reliable, uninterrupted service for any number of end-users, and a clean professional installation.

Our systems use the most robust, industry-leading equipment available and track performance analytics from start to finish. At the conclusion of each event, we can provide detailed usage reports so our clients can better understand their needs going forward.

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Event-based Networking

Often requires highly creative design and logistics to bring venues with zero network infrastructure to function as state-of-the-art. To achieve this we use the latest site-analysis tools and dynamic modeling software to give our clients a detailed representation of what they can expect from our custom-designed solution up front.


Enterprise AV, Event, and Conferencing Systems

From our decade of experience producing events of every scale and across many industries, we have discovered that the latest advances in network-based audio and video have tremendous value beyond the music, theater and events industry. While gaining efficiency and lowering overall cost, new, network-based AV can revolutionize the way your company communicates.


As the quality of immersive audio and video experience has permeated the professional and home entertainment industry, impressive levels of experiential nuance are assumed and must be integrated into conference, collaboration, and client-facing facilities.

The technology exists today to turn every tired conference room into a space for immersive collaboration and people-centered communication. With the ability to begin a presentation or prepare for a conference call at the push of a button, we focus on ease of use and powerful customization to maximize the potential of your audio and video systems.

We are invested in exploring the latest approaches to Virtual Prototyping using VR, multitouch and immersive, panoramic projection and can custom-design a system that meets your companies needs. We can work within your existing architecture or develop  mobile/modular systems that can travel or elevate a site temporarily.