Engaging Homebuyers with Glowing Signs

Glow in the Dark Signs Gives One Brokerage a Nighttime Advantage

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA–(January 30, 2018) – Code Four, the nation’s first provider of glow in the dark real estate signs, showcased the first preview in Orange County this week. Partnering with Newport Beach-based luxury brokerage, Surterre Properties, is the company's first step in launching Glow in the Dark Signs for all use types.

Now that Surterre Properties has announced their use of the innovative glow signs, Code Four is planning to manufacture them for all business types. The need for businesses to gain attention and exposure has never been greater. Stake signs and banners normally only seen during the day can now be viewed in the dark, which is important as we move into daylight savings. That additional exposure can mean the difference in additional sales for retailers, higher traffic at an event or simply added brand recognition.

“We were trying to solve a problem. How does one brokerage stand out amongst several for sale signs on a street? We wanted our signs to look great during the day but also grab attention at night.” said Kristine Smith, VP, Marketing for Surterre Properties.  “I knew Code Four would figure out a way to make it happen.”

After researching and sourcing the proper material, rigorous testing was done to ensure the sign colors remained true to brand guidelines during the day. The entire process took over 6 months to design, print and produce signs in a way that is scalable.

“Once Code Four sourced material and secured a printing process, we immediately started researching HOA and City Guidelines. Glow in the dark signs meet the residential criteria for signs,” stated Kristine Smith.

Signs can be custom made according to sizes needed or ordered from templates provided. The average time to produce signs is about a week plus delivery/installation time. Cost varies according to size and colors used.

For more information, please call: 714.500.4994

About Code Four

CODE FOUR is a highly diverse, interdisciplinary and international team of strategic thinkers, designers, artists, and technicians who work together to bridge worlds and solve complex problems. Merging architectural design, graphic identity, contemporary art, media design, events, information technology, stagecraft, VR, audio, video, printmaking, scenography, signage and engineering to make great companies exceptional. Code Four is an aspirational design agency aspiring to be smarter, more efficient, more innovative, more radical, and more creative.

Code Four owns and curates the Great Pacific Airshow held along the Southern California Coast in Huntington Beach, CA. The 2018 event attracted and catered to over 2,000,000 people without incident.  

The term Code Four is a first responder’s call sign for “No Further Assistance Required”, which is their motto and tagline.

Kevin Elliott