MLS All-Star Week Environmental Design

For the 2017 Major League Soccer All-Star week Code Four has continued our partnership with MLS, designing, rendering and producing a handful of environments for All-Star Week. Below are the environmental designs for this year's Digital HQ and VIP Lounge area in Chicago.

Digital HQ will be a blend of open workspace, lounge and broadcast stage that creates a laid-back, media center feel. Code Four designed the overall layout and staging plan and provided  in-house fabrication for a handful of key elements. Sited in the historic Chicago Athletic Association, Digital HQ will be a really exciting space, teeming with style and activity.

The VIP Lounge will be held in the newly redesigned lobby of the Hyatt Regency Chicago, with catering, live broadcasts, information booth and retail activations for MLS VIP guests.

For a collaborative project like this we use video game engines to create renderings that are easily changeable as client needs shift during the production process. Over the years we've learned that every project has an ideal workflow and demands for how spaces are communicated at every stage of the project. With MLS we stay flexible, producing shifting layouts as the various constituencies weigh in, bringing everyone's desires together into cohesive spaces.