The Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow

The Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow is one of the largest airshows in the world with the unique dimension of taking place in one of the top surf destinations. Taking place over a mile of pristine SoCal beach next to a historic pier, it's a mix of classic California crashing waves and thundering aerial display. Code Four and its partner organizations produce the event top to bottom, ensuring this massive public spectacle of fun, safe and a success for the many sponsors who make the event possible.   

Below are some examples of spatial designs and visualizations for different components of the production. Some were used to attract sponsors, some to share the event plan with other constituencies. At the bottom are video flythroughs- all of our renders for the airshow were created using a highly flexible real-time rendering engine normally used for high-end video game development. This allows us to constantly alter the design as the conditions and sponsors change, maintaining clear and consistent communication with all parties to the show.