The Golden Foodie Awards + Culinary Showcase

The Golden Foodies are a People's Choice Food Awards that takes place in glitzy Newport Beach, California. The event was created to honor extraordinary culinary talents, nationwide, who were developing chef-driven restaurants. The Golden Foodies harness the collective power of the food loving community to recognize local excellence and celebrate with an incredible red carpet gala and a host of related events.

Code Four has partnered with the Golden Foodies for several years to produce the Gala. 

In addition, we developed a partnership between the Golden Foodie AwardsIrvine Spectrum Center mall and the The Golden Chef Series, a culinary showcase featuring eight live chef demonstrations using a our client,  Fisher & Paykel & DCS, world-class kitchen equipment.

We were commissioned to produce the show top to bottom with audio, video and live broadcast of the cooking demonstrations that took place over multiple weekends in conjunction with the Awards.