Hurley Collection Launch

Hurley is a historic brand that started out by making surf boards in Costa Mesa, California in the late 1970s. Throughout the 90s they innovated by bringing Billabong to the USA and by the late '90s launched their own brand of clothing which revolutionized and democratized how surf fashion is understood: it's for everyone. 

Code Four and Hurley have partnered to produce launch shows for their new collections over several years. Representatives from Hurley from a dozen countries converge on Costa Mesa to hang out and get up to speed on the new lines. Each year we do something a bit different. Below you'll find the 2017 show where the Hurley and Code Four creative teams collaborated to make an installation-like fashion show with multiple stages, a complex walking geometry, live music, multiple projections and an undulating water-filled catwalk. All design, lighting, audio and fabrication was done in-house by Code Four.